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my thanks giving

Because I have become afraid to be alone with Jonah (rational or not), I’ve called my dad to ask him to please help me pick him up from afterschool, give him a ride to the train (depending on how we was at school today), and help with his dinner, a bath, and getting him to bed.  Andy is working and M can’t help me tonight.  It’s the day before Thanksgiving, so the short supply ‘o’ sitters aren’t around.  Luckily my dad is more than willing to help, and we got out of work a little early today (thanks MKR), so I have a minute to type.

God only knows what four straight days with Jonah will be like.  I don’t have high hopes, and I know I’ll be back soon to complain about how Jonah threw the gravy boat all over grandma at the Thanksgiving dinner table, so I thought I’d write a giving of thanks to balance out all the bitching.

In no particular order, and of course leaving out a multitude of blessings, I am giving thanks:

…for the fact that I don’t have to wait in line at 4am on Black Friday for the toy my child absolutely must have, or worry about whether or not I can afford (or should spoil my child with) whatever latest game system, i-pad, blackberry, etc. a typical 8 year old yearns to own.  I needn’t fret over whether or not to tell my child there is (or isn’t) a Santa Claus.  I won’t be standing in a long queue of fidgety kids and weary parents to get my son’s picture taken with a store Santa.  I don’t have to hear Jonah cry because he got picked to be an ox in the Christmas Pageant instead of Saint Joseph or one of the Wise Men.

Instead, I can wake up on Christmas morning and give Jonah an assortment of things like bubbles, straws, and balloons, and he’ll be happy as a clam.

Of course, my mom will compensate for my blasphemous lack of gifts by turning her living room into a toy store and presenting Jonah with a new winter wardrobe, several electronic toys, expensive musical instruments, a portable dvd player, and whatever Elmo is singing about this year.

I am thankful for pretty much everyone reading this (with the possible exception of Marcia).  There’s so much else and so many more people.  It could go on forever.  I know!  I’ll use pictures.  I wish I had a photo on my computer of my dad, and a few others I’d like to include in the thank-you album.  But here’s a little pictorial of gratitude at any rate.

I am giving thanks for:

hawks (i always say they are my gina, coming to say hello).  and

bright blue color filled autumn days. and

the rensselaer falls, my favorite nature creation spot.  and

M, my true friend and partner in travel.  and

my joyful bunny bopper boo.  and

the opportunity to walk where laura ingalls wilder’s husband spent his boyhood.  and

the wondrous beauty and stillness of deer. and

my three cousin-sisters.  and

my mom.  and

sweet random playground kids.  and

my witty and wonderful dear friend dimma. and

flocks of birds in flight.  and

the ocean, and the way andy and jonah and i all love it.  and

barkley!  and

mx & p yo.  and

rainbows.  and

silly D. and

silly jonah.  and

deep watery vistas.  and

sweet little h.  and

guster in concert!  and

my salespeeps K & Mg & B. and

jack!  (named after laura ingalls wilder’s dog) and

little bunnies (is it fiver?)  and

jonah & his grandma jane.  and

work fun!  and

snuggle hugs.  and

d & e.  and

the best pizza in town.  and

KP & little H, all together for a gorgeous wedding day.  and

b and v and their awesome green wall.  and

wig day.  and

the magic of water…

This year I have done a lot of things, enjoyed the company of many people, seen much beauty, and given not nearly enough thanks.


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