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clozaril & a big meeting

And so the Anderson Center for Autism has set into motion the process whereby Jonah is transitioned to another school.  In the meantime, the Clozaril kicked in and his aggressive behaviors have decreased dramatically in both frequency and duration.  It’s been about two and a half weeks now, and we’ve been afraid to dare to hope that it will stay this way.  Still, we revel in Boo’s smiles.

When my mother and I went to the Albany School District meeting last Thursday, I was fairly confident that this would all be…well, kind of postponed as we all hang back and see how Jonah continues to do.  After all, if the aggressions go away and stay gone, all this is moot.

Only it doesn’t work that way.  With Jonah’s Anderson team phoned in and two Albany School District Special Education representatives present, we spent two hours reviewing Jonah’s progress report. His speech therapist, classroom teacher, residential manager, behavioral specialists, and other peeps all spoke – each report carrying a common thread:  Jonah’s aggressions of fall 2015-winter 2016 have prevented his progress at all, and in some cases he’s regressed.  Managing his behaviors precluded all other activities.

We know, we know, I’m thinking impatiently.  But he’s better now.  Tell them about the last two weeks.  He’s on new medication – and not just any new medication, but a SuperPowerfragilistic one for which they had to get special Board of Health approval just to try.

And what antiseptic, ambiguous, academic language (rife with acronyms and special ed vernacular) used to discuss it!  In an alternate universe we spoke street English and it was over in five minutes.

The long and short of it?  They can’t just stop the train and let us off because of two weeks’ good behavior.  So referrals were sent out – to Tradewinds, Springbrook,  the New England Center for Children, and three different St. Christopher’s campuses – but no one is going to force Jonah to leave Anderson when (and as long as) he’s blessedly better.  After a year, they call him stable and revise his IEP.

The past month warranted plenty of blog entries. I’ve plenty to tell, but I’m working full-time now and also (temporarily) part-time, every day — weeknights from 5-7, and today/tomorrow for 4 mid-day hours.

The part-time gig is sitting with an elderly friend at a rehabilitation center, and I love her, so it’s not like it’s difficult — but I’m tired.  I’ve been back to FT work since mid-December and I type all damn day, quite literally non-stop but for two strictly clocked 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch.  When I finally get home I just don’t have it in me, most days, to even turn the damn laptop on.  I have a new pot belly that appeared rapidly – just since I’ve started working again, really – and I can’t fit in my pants or some skirts.  When I go sit with my friend and they come in to do physical therapy, maybe I’ll do some exercises with her.

But what matters most to me is Boo, and how much better he is!

I carry joy in my heart every day he is happy, and no amount of tired can take that away.

But I’m out of time for now.

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