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I’m not sure why this video is so huge and I’m not able to shrink it without researching more, but for now I want to share an update about Jonah, and this video is the best way to show so many things…

…like coming inside Andy’s apartment again on our visits, often straight from Anderson with not even one loop first – to rummage through the cabinets and refrigerator for food, asking for one thing after the next…

…and sitting down on the floor in the living room with his fidget cube to watch Disney’s original Jungle Book, his current favorite movie.  With an attention span, quiet hands, calm body, and a happy face.  It’s been a great few months for him.

And afterwards, to take my hand and ask “tickle?” – which means he wants mama to lie down with him on Andy’s big blue bed.  And so we do, he bounding onto the bed, scrambling under the covers.  “Blanket?” he asks as I settle next to him.  And so I stretch both blanket and sheet up to his neck, and he pulls a pillow to cover his head, and he turns to face me so I can just barely see him smiling beneath the pillow.  Then he says “scratch?” and I massage and scratch his shoulders and back.  He sometimes giggles, but usually calms quickly and often even falls asleep.

This is my new favorite time with Boo, for I haven’t been able to lie next to him like this in nearly 6 years, and it is precious to me.  I feel comfortable and safe in his presence again; he hasn’t aggressed toward me in what seems like a year.  I’m not here to declare he’ll never do it again, for he’s still got his bad days and the occasional take-down and school or in his residence.  For the most part, though, it’s an ascension – from him demanding car ride after car ride, refusing to go into Andy’s apartment, attacking us in the car, all of it.

The months have stretched out quickly and I haven’t meant to let the blog go like this.  No news here is usually good news, but I’ll always come back with an update.  I’ve got more to say about my birth family, particularly my new big sister, who is 9 years older than me and just like me in so many weird ways.  We even dress alike.  I’m so grateful I found her!


And of course, new pics of Boo:

IMG_20170604_110226349    IMG_20170528_103309215  IMG_20170514_113538268    IMG_20170514_111525

Happy Summertime, my peeps!  We’ll be back…

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