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“Played follow the leader
Keeping my steps in time
Counting on the wonder ahead
I leave the pain behind…”

~ Guster, Perfect

Yesterday = 0.0 (zero point zero) attacks.  Agressions.  Flip outs.  Whatever you want to call them, there were none!

Instead there was escalator fun, and we saw trains, and then Andy came and watched him lots, so I went escaped into the woods at the Grafton Peace Pagoda with my cousin B where we dug in the dirt, layed in the leaves, hefted rocks, molded birch bark around leaning saplings, munched on bagels with cream cheese, and sat in meditation in the beautiful temple. 

Thank you, God; I am good today.  People can come in to work and see me and they can ask me how I am doing and I can say I am doing fine and I can actually mean it. 

We are doing fine.

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