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hope like this

I bought a brand new second pair of glasses on Saturday (in addition to getting my present pair fixed again) so I’m not at Lenscrafters in Colonie Center every other day.  They are beginning to know me by name, and I have to give them a shout-out for being so helpful and kind. I appreciate every friend who has called or texted me, every stranger who has reached out to me – even those with whom I do not agree or find unkind.  In Buddhism they say the people who are unkind to us are our greatest teachers, for they truly teach us compassion and understanding.  Not that I’m the wise woman on the mountain or anything, but I’m choosing to see it this way.

It is 7am and Jonah is laughing, and happy, and Andy and I are hoping the new med is helping him.  He has a good appetite and he actually danced into the bedroom just now to lie down with Andy and snuggle.  They’re in there singing their own weird version of “Yellow Submarine” and giggling away.

Even if it is for just this brief morning, I am so glad.  I’ll give him a big hug before I go to work, and I will have hope again that his day will go well, even if it is stupid hope, even if it is false hope, even if it means I am crazy to have hope like this, over and over and over again.

I love you, my sweet little boy.  If I have to go to the ends of the earth to figure out what to do to help you, I will.

Momma promises.

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