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“I want to be where I’ve never been before; I want to be there and then I’d understand…know I’m right, and do it right – could I get to be like that?  I don’t know and I don’t know; it’s harder every day.”

~ Two Points For Honesty, Guster

I just typed for an hour about an unkind co-worker and how much it hurts, and my psychologist’s cool “time-release therapy”… about my shifting perceptions of Andy and my parents…about experiences with them, trying to put it all into perspective and be at peace with everything my life is now.

Then I deleted every word I’d written.

I know who reads my blog and I’m not here to hurt people or throw them under proverbial busses.  I don’t want to be subversive or accusing here – especially when none of it had a thing to do with Jonah, who is doing very well at school and in his house, they tell me, by the way.  I’ll see him Saturday and I should focus on that.  Plus my dad gave M and me tickets to see a show Saturday night, and I’m supposed to meet M’s sister on Sunday, so that will be cool.  Focus on the good.  Accentuate the positive. 

Be grateful, you whining little crybaby.

I should start an anonymous blog and vent there about anything I want.  But this sure ain’t that place, so here’s a recent picture of a smiling Jonah Russell instead.

That’s right, Boo.  Smile away.  Smile for us both.

I’m going to bed.

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