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Charlie Babbitt: Does Raymond know how much money he’s inherited?

Dr. Bruner: No, he doesn’t understand the concept of money.

Charlie Babbitt: He doesn’t understand the concept of money?  He just inherited three million dollars and he doesn’t understand the concept of money? Wow, good work, Dad. I’m getting fucking poetic here.

~ Rainman, 1988

– – –

Like Rainman, Jonah doesn’t understand the concept of money.

But boy does he love a good handful of change.  It’s one of his favorite playthings.

“Moneycoin?”  he pleads, standing on our bed and trying to reach over to the dresser to retrieve whatever assorted pennies and quarters have accumulated on top.

“Moneycoin is…open for business!”  I shout, giving him a handful of assorted coinage.  He drops his precious moneycoin in a small Tupperware container and shakes it, then gleefully tosses the whole works into the air; like game show prize money it rains down on us.

Jonah rolls moneycoin along the wooden floor in the hallway.  He spins moneycoin on the living room coffee table.  He clutches moneycoin greedily in tight fists: a miser gone berserk.

At any given time in our house you could probably collect twenty dollars of moneycoin from behind furniture, between couch cushions, and under beds.

Here moneycoin is ubiquitous, much to Jonah’s supreme satisfaction!

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