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no, no, and no

Andy is tired.  Jonah is home until school starts again, and I know it’s not easy to watch him for hours on end with very few breaks.  I’m tired too, so going to work today was almost respite…something I felt a little guilty about, like my office is a sweet tropical escape Andy’s missing out on.

I had a doc appointment right after work today, too, so I was home even later than usual.  When I walked in the door around 7, Jonah ran up to me.

Without preamble or hesitation, in rapid succession, he fired:

“Wan go see train?”


“Wan go see grandma?”

“Wan go number one park?”

I laughed weakly and silently responded:  No, no, and no.

By way of apology, I leaned down to hug him tight; we went downstairs and sang Guster songs in the basement instead.

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