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It was crappy, very cold, fine-snowy weather when my mom and I left early this morning to meet Andy at his apartment and then collect Jonah.  The kind of weather where if you just avoid the first few hours of driving in it, you’ll be fine.  Well we were the ones on the road during the slippery beginning of the storm.  My mother wanted to drive us down in her car so that’s what we did.

Nothing can stop her from visiting her grandson.  Nothing.

I believe she’d trudge through a blizzard in boots all 90 miles if she had to.  I was laughing to M about how this would be my death day, walking around the house singing “and when I die…and when I’m gone, there’ll be one child gone in this world, to carry on, to carry on…”

“Stop that,” said M.

But we survived the small storm and got our visit with Jonah.  I brought Fearless Fred, one of my Scare-Me-Nots, down with me.  He wanted to serve and protect us on our slippery way – I imagine because he’s not afraid of anything;  he really is aptly named.

Here are some pictures from our adventures today:

First Jonah got his boots and coat off, and jumped on daddy’s bed.  When he’d calmed down enough to sit, I brought in Fearless Fred.

I handed him to Jonah.  Jonah pulled Fearless Fred’s face in to his own and gave him kisses!

Jonah and Fearless Fred, making friends…

Then it was — you guessed it –bath time!

…and more fun with Fearless Fred

Then lunchtime.  (Fearless Fred tries hard to look busy while stealing a wedge of orange with his tail).

Jonah wanted to take Fearless Fred on our snowy walk.

Then Jonah and Daddy started to run ahead, but Fearless Fred didn’t mind so much.  He wanted to play in the snow,

and hang from branches…

and climb twisty vine-embraced trees.

Show off!

I love my boy so much.  I just want to turn the heated blanket up and crawl into bed.  I have all my adopted Scare-Me-Not “kids” to tend to (only someone as kooky as I could pretend to believe that I mother plush monsters).

No, there is work to do.  And I’m fighting the urge to completely abandon reason, geek out, and send a care package to Guster.

Then again, there’s always tomorrow.

So anyway once again I ask you to make Fearless Fred and his friends go viral by LIKING the Scare-Me-Nots’ facebook page.  I am the cartoon Mommy cyclops monster with dual-lensed glasses, who administers the page and occasionally holds contests with cool prizes.

Should I organize a Scare-Me-Not flash mob?

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My little Jonah Russell turned nine years old today.  Here he is as a baby:

Here he is at two; happy boy:

And at three, on his birthday:

I can’t believe how fast he has grown; I can’t wrap my mind around everything that has changed in his lifetime.

Last night I asked M to pray for me; he’s more traditionally religious than I, so I figured he might be a little closer to “The Source,” if you will.   I asked him to please pray that Jonah is good at school today, for his birthday, his little party with cupcakes and goodie bags Andy sent in with his backpack.

Nine years ago this minute I was in a hospital bed after having requested pillow after pillow because I couldn’t get comfortable and I wanted to create a soft nest for my new sweet little peanut and me.

I remember I wouldn’t let them take him away from me, not to the nursery, not anywhere.  When they told me they had to  bring him to the nursery to weigh him or whatever, I walked along next to the little rolling bin they used and stood there over the people until they handed him back to me.

I am not saying I was right or wrong to do this, or that all the mothers who let their newborns sleep in the nursery are right or wrong – it’s just what I did.  I didn’t want to be away from him.  Not for the night; not for a minute.  I just wanted to hold him and nurse him and watch  him and marvel at him.

And so I did.

Almost all the schools in the Capital District were closed today, but not Wildwood, Jonah’s school.  Kids are bussed in from so many different school districts that sometimes the school stays open and just takes whatever kids make it in.  The Albany City School District was closed, so the busses didn’t come, but Andy drove him in, cupcakes, goodie bags, and all.  I think my son was literally one of a handful of students in the whole place today.

And just like M prayed for me, Jonah had a very good day at school.  I’m sure there wasn’t much of a party, and he was tough to handle both before and after school, but what I asked for was that he have a good day at school, and that’s exactly what I got.  He had zero aggressions.  Thanks, M, for praying it into reality.

Now that we are placing Jonah in a residential educational school, I think maybe there was a reason I clung to him like a burr when he was first born.  I think maybe it was because something deep inside my heart was telling me I wouldn’t be able to hold on to him for long – that we would lose him, in a sense…that he would have to go away.

Jonah doesn’t know it’s his birthday,  but for the first time ever there was no family birthday party, like every other year in our finished basement, Aunt T’s unfailingly delicious homemade chocolate cake the centerpiece of each celebration, its recipe passed down from her grandmother, always iced in chocolate too — a hand-decorated Happy Birthday Jonah squeezed in sweet blue icing next to a questionably identifiable drawing of a whale (Jonah’s home for three days in the Bible).

This site is one of many that tells the Story of Jonah.

“As Jonah is sinking into the sea, a big fish (whale) swallows him. (Jonah 1:17) Here we see God’s great mercy. He could have let Jonah suffer the consequences of his actions and drown. Yet, God intervenes and spares Jonah’s life. We often complain to God about the consequences of our sins but do we ever wonder how often He has spared us from consequences? I rarely ever think about that.”

I know I have been spared from many, many consequences.  But for the first time ever there isn’t a celebration around this day.  There’s too much behind it.  Around it.

And, just like the day he was born, I don’t want to let go of my little baby boy.

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The bus was late yesterday because of the beginning of the snowstorm, and it was a half day of school besides, and Jonah’s got a bit of a cold, so Andy just kept Jonah home.  The snow got worse and I don’t think Andy felt the roads were safe enough to drive on, so it must have been a very long day.

Probably lots of baths.

Today we’re inundated with sugar-sifty snow and sleet, supposedly to be followed by even more snow.  The Albany city government offices are shut down and of course all the schools are closed.  After work I’m going to go to the house and watch monkey-boo until he goes to sleep to give Andy an escape from what must, at this point, feel something akin to insanity. 

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this Groundhog Day – a very rare predication , I hear – but spring seems light-years away as I look out my window at all the piling white…

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