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Someone left a cutting, cruel comment on my “let there be sight” post.  I approved it for all to see.  You be the judge.

Your son is, what, 12?? And you’re bathing him and giving him “mamalove” kisses everywhere? Inappropriate much??! ? Beyond icky.

Interesting that you claim to love your Boo — yet institutionalized him. You see him once a week for a few hours. This is love, how, exactly?  Boo learns to love and live and peacefully exist in the world by… not living with mommy or daddy??

I used to judge people too, for “institutionalizing” their children.  I used to judge people for all kinds of things.  And now I am judged.  I suppose that is how it works.

I don’t know when I will be able to come back and write here.  This coincides with a serious health issue I’m dealing with; I may go to the ER tomorrow.

Oh, how words can hurt.  Hurt like fire.  Even worse than the health issue, which hurts so bad I have to knock myself out with Tylenol PM every night.  M told me “if you’re going to post all your personal shit out there for everybody to see then that’s what you’re going to get.”

Here are pictures to soften the blow to my body and my heart:


jonah battles daddy with a purple "noodle"

the pool - his favorite place

the pool – his favorite place


Goodbye for now.  I can’t handle this.  Maybe I can’t blog anymore if I can’t handle the haters.

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