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almanzo comes home!

Hooray!  Thank God and all my lucky stars and saints, my kitty ‘Manzo’s been found!

I’m at the dentist this morning and my cell phone rings.  Luckily P, the hygienist, hadn’t started cleaning and polishing my teeth yet, so I answered it and a man told me he found my cat (inside a house for sale two doors away.  I didn’t even know my neighbors had moved out yet).  They must’ve moved out Monday, and somehow Manzo snuck in and got locked inside the house. When the guy found Manzo, the cat was huddled under a carpet on the back porch.  Turns out that guy might buy the house, and I gave him the reward money even though he didn’t want it.  I hope he does move in – I want a good neighbor.


I can’t stop petting and kissing and loving my cat.  YAY!  Jack was happy to see his cat brother, too.

Jonah is going to see his primary care doctor tomorrow, who can give him a good look-over and maybe suggest something other than Humira, so when we next bring Jonah to the pediatric rheumatologist, we can maybe try that.  And I am pretty sure I can get my 2k back from Medicaid.

And even though I had kind of a crappy week at work, next week should be great. (My weeks kind of start Wednesday at 3:01pm and end at 2:59pm the following Wednesday).  If that doesn’t make sense, not to worry.  It’s not an important part of the story.  What matters most is I feel a whole lot better today, and re-energized.  Thank you all for prayers and positive thoughts and wishes.  You are the change this world needs.


Manzo says purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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