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Well, it has come.  The avalanche of work and more work, broken up by becoming the Scare-Me-Not mommy (I adopted so many the scaries have absolutely no chance here).

There are two Scare-Me-Nots at Jonah’s house, and they’re never in the toy-box.  They know their duty and understand they must be vigilant at all times.  One of Jonah’s housemates adores Fearless Fred (the red one, saluting) and is clutching it every time I visit.  So I adopted nine good little monsters and had to send my not-so-good ‘little monster’ boo away.

Life is so incredibly strange.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back.  Deadlines are real now, and trainings, and lots and lots to write.   It feels good, and challenging… but it’s time to begin, and I want one more night not to.

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