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“Sometimes I’ll be walking down the street and I’ll be thinking:
Am I crazy, or is this some morbid little lie?
Further to fly…

A recent loss of memory; a shadow in the family…
The baby waves bye-bye

I’m trying
I’m flying

There may come a time when I will lose you; lose you as I lose my sight
Days falling backward into velvet night

The open palm of desire
The Rose of Jericho
Soil as soft as summer
The strength to let you go…”

~ Paul Simon, Further to Fly

– – –

I am getting sick.  I sound like Peter Brady with his changing voice.

It’s a good day to post some pictures, before M & I go take Jonah Russ for a while.

On a business trip to Long Island this past Wednesday and Thursday:

Long Island is pretty, and I liked the people I met there…but it was also very hot…

And it is always good to return home.  Today I hope Jonah is a happy boy.  Whatever happens, I know we all have further to fly.  Like Paul Simon says:  I’m trying; I’m flying…

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