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“and in my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me…”

~ The Beatles

I feel stronger right now than I have in weeks.  Months.  Maybe even years.  In this ‘hour of darkness’ I am getting things done for myself and for my son, and I am standing upright, and I find I am capable.   Reverting to my Catholic upbringing, I pray to Mary:

Help me, Mary.  You had a difficult son too.  You understand.  Help me please. I feel she has. (I always did like Mary).  Now I know a humility that has given me an unexpected strength,  if that’s not too much of a paradox.

I visited Andy in the hospital today and it was good.  There was no poison or animosity – only sorrow, and shared pain, and real love.  We will always love one another.  There is much yet to get through but I can do this thing.  I can do this.

Jonah did very well yesterday at after school program, so I took him to see the train and we saw one right away, which he (of course) loved.

He behaved at home last evening too, and he was a good little boy this morning.

He even woke up laughing. 

Hey mama!  Hey mama! he called — and echoing his laughter, I went to him and covered him in kisses.

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