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mother of steel

I dodge my son, my only child
His rages uncontrolled.

This tight in me, the Nth degree
grown tired searching for the key
(his fate no fortune could forsee)
         a mother’s soul was sold.

I live in fear, year after year
The brave in me has died.

The wrath of he, a guarantee
grown vicious in an anti-glee
(the opposite of being free)
         divinity defied.

I steel my spine and very self
The bend in me is gone.

The soft in me, a yielding tree
grown petrified with every plea
(a tempest born of savage sea)
         predestiny redrawn.

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watchful tree

An eye-like impression on Boo’s birch bark
Keeps innocent watch where he sleeps

Or sits alone.

White.  Shingled, peeling, always in the midst of it.
The shedding is a constant shaping.  Summer is closed.

School begins, winds blow & bend.  Boo attends.
There are no photographs to share.  People ask us nothing.

He would be starting sixth grade but for this:
Branching cells inside, neuron dances gone awry,
Whipping leaves that lash & cut, pull & fall…

And yet for two days now the birch has stood
And Boo walks in happy imitation, his mood impermanent as paper
(Covers rock, loses to the scissors)

His mood impermanent as paper.

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