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I have received a strangely overwhelming number of requests for boxes of the winter cards I mentioned in my last post, so I called Jonah’s school and of course there are extra — plenty to go around.

For the mere price of ten dollars, you too can own one of these “Boo Boxes”!

You can order them from the school’s website, but you’ll notice the “winter” cards look different from those in my last blog post.  (They’re from last year).  So if you want a Boo Box containing Jonah’s design, just wait until I post a blog entry (once the web order site is good to go with this year’s cards).

You can also post a comment saying you want one and I’ll get it for you, and mail it to you too, at no extra charge!

There are eight cards in each box, two each of four designs, so every  Boo Box gets you not one, but two of Jonah’s elf cards!

The now-famous elf card

The now-famous elf card

All for the low, low price of ten dollars!

Be a part of “Normal is a Dryer Setting” history and own one of Jonah’s truly unique brainchildren.  Or just send some cards out, and another person will find one years from now in a dusty flea-market bin when it’s out of print and worth millions.  Do you really want to take that chance?

All proceeds benefit the Anderson School for Autism.

Jonah ponders his next masterpiece

Jonah ponders his next masterpiece

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