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new hate mail

So I applied for another part-time writing/editing/proofreading telecommuting job to supplement the one I have now.   As part of the process, I sent them the link to that article I wrote for HLNtv.com in the Spring of 2012, when I enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame.

I noticed there were several newer comments I hadn’t seen, since I haven’t looked at the page in a while.

One was hate mail:

“I can’t believe amy seems to PROUD of having institutionalized her son at the ripe old age of 9. That she wants folks to praise her for banishing her son from her home and seeing him maybe once a week.

That’s not love. That’s borderline child abandonment. Gee, I wonder why autistic kid who was sent away by his parents out of “love” isn’t especially happy to see them once a week.

I’ve no idea how amy sleeps at night!”

S.S. (Yes, those are her initials; her Facebook icon was a picture of puppies, too)…

While I can understand the judgement, I have no idea how Susie got the idea from this article that I was proud, or wanted praise.  I answered her comment, though she may never see it because hers was from a while ago, and I chalk it up to ignorance.  (If she only knew the half of it).

I have been candid and told my truths here, even when they are raw and ugly, mostly so others won’t feel alone.   I guess I have to expect the occasional hate mail.  Judging is easier than understanding, and I forgive “Susie Ignorant” for her cutting remarks.

But it still hurts.

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