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My cousin D, her manpiece R, and I all took Jonah for a while late this afternoon – and Jonah was 90% fine.  I mean to tell you he was play-on-the-playground, leave-the-other-children-alone, sing-and-smile, cute-chattery fine.

Jonah’s made a liar out of me, especially since R’s seen Jonah only three or four times now and Jonah’s been pretty calm every time, directly contradicting almost everything I write here.  I’m more than happy to be this kind of liar.

I love happy Jonah.  I adore when he is gleeful and silly and playful, even though it’s rare and impossible to predict.  I’m grateful for today’s glimpse of the boy I know is in there – our sweet, beautiful boy.

Thanks, D & R.  You brought out the best in my day – and Jonah’s too.

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