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boo feels the bern

Jonah was in a happy mood on Sunday, and I caught a lot of it on camera – and video.


Tooth brushing hilarity

He’s 14 now and sometimes the teenager in him shows through:


He goes straight for the fridge & freezer and leaves both doors open while he browses


Always with his hoodie up, yo

After car ride Jonah gently took my wrist, then his daddy’s, and led us both into the bedroom and the big blue bed. “Quiet time, Boo?  Want to be in the middle?”

Yes, with daddy on one side and me on the other, both of us curved in, with Andy’s arm draped over Boo.   Even as he turns his head on the pillow to face his father, he reaches a monkey-arm behind him and guides my hand to rest on his little hip.  Thus parentally cocooned, Boo rests – a real rest – not for 15 seconds but for several minutes.  I half-expect him to slip his thumb into his mouth, then realize I have no idea how long it’s been since he sucked his thumb, then realize he doesn’t suck his thumb at all anymore.  To the best of my knowledge, no one ever cajoled or convinced him to quit — he just grew out of it, maybe.

His resulting buck-toothed smile is no less cute for having been shaped by thumb sucking.  I may be the only one who thinks so, but then again I sucked my thumb too (well past toddler-hood).

I adore this photo of him, his two front teeth barely peeking out and his blind eye covered by the hoodie:


I love his expression & sweet, innocent face

After quiet time, Jonah paced the kitchen while my mom and Andy talked politics and I urged Andy to do his Bernie Sanders’ impression (which is usually even better than what you’ll hear in this video.  This little video snippet cracks me up every time, though.

So then I decided to have a little fun with my right-wing mother. In the kitchen, I taught Jonah to chant “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie,” then I ushered her in and filmed this:

Even my mom couldn’t help but laugh.

Clinton, Trump, and Bernie were all here in Albany this week ahead of Tuesday’s primary, but just I’m not a crowd of hyper people kind of gal.

‘Twas a good day in the land of the Boo.





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