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Love numbers.  Hate  math.  All dates this week are palindromes!

First there wasn’t anything to tell you.  One Saturday I went with my mom as usual but felt headache-sick on the way and migraine-sick by the time we arrived.  I walked in the door and went straight to big blue bed, mumbling something to my son and Andy on the way.  So that kind of sucked.

The only good part was when I heard Jonah say want mama? and a few moments later he came into the darkened bedroom, lay down on his side next to me, facing me, and slid his thumb into his mouth, his deep, innocent eyes looking straight into mine.  Then he reached out and ran his fingers through my hair, so gently I didn’t recognize the touch.

Other things happening seem mundane or oft-covered before.  I’m beginning to repeat myself.  My blog posts are no longer always the cathartic necessities they were when Jonah lived with us.

The aggression pendulum still swinging slightly.  Me forgetting my camera.  My mother and I arguing politics during the car rides back and forth.  Tuna fish sandwich week & turkey, ham, and cheese week.  The baths and Jonah’s latest favorite DVD or CD.  Don’t believe the hype.

He’s on school vacation this week.  Here’s hoping for the best and happiest Boo there can be.

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