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I’m sorry I haven’t been around, writing of Boo and his adventures.  As I slowly recovered from one illness, writing work came in and I had to play catch-up.  Then I got sick again.  Today I can at least sit here for a few minutes and type.

I’m kind of a sickly chick.  I am not Darwin’s poster child, and I guess when one of Darwin’s weak ones has a baby, that baby is bound to be a weak one too.  I’ve been thinking too much about this, too much about the suffering world.  When I am so sick it is easy for me to be a baby, to cry, to let the floodgates open and allow ugly, frightening, depressing emotions pour in…to allow my body-pain the company of emotion-pain.

Jonah has turned his two days from last entry’s poem into a long strecth of good boy.  The truth is he thrives at his residence and school. Although he loves to visit with daddy and still protests going back to school when the visit is over, it is the best place for him to grow and learn.  We are resigned to that now.  We are grateful for it.  But still we hate it.

I haven’t stopped searching for a way to mitigate Boo’s aggressions, and I haven’t stopped wanting to fill up my “help” page with resources for others in my situation (or a similar situation).  I even want to start two new blogs – a Guster blog and a Laura Ingalls Wilder blog.  God knows when I’ll get around to making it all happen, but I plug along.

I will be back soon.  I found my camera battery, so pictures are coming too.  🙂

I could type on and on today, but I don’t want to. I’m not in a good head-space and I need to sleep a little more.

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