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Jonah’s a big fan of the salad bar bath.

warm water, crisp salad, & lemonade

We had a great visit with Jonah on Saturday, and I went back to eating solid food.  There isn’t much else to report, or rather I’m feeling numb and surreal today.  I’ve been afraid to do much of anything, lest the devil-ache come back.

Is it safe?

Here, as always, are photos to compensate for my word-loss.

swimming’s “closed” – so we waited for the train.     (it came)

Jonah means business when it’s time                           to go to the grocery store!

Ready to roll…

I will see Boo on Tuesday; after my early a.m. neurologist appointment, I should be right on time to meet him for his glaucoma specialist.  I think my mom wants to come to this one.  (His, not mine, of course).

I’m bone tired.   Truly.  Tired in my bones, all tight and hurt-y.

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