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“Thanks to Shakespeare’s indelible dramatization, March 15—also called the Ides of March—is forever linked with the 44 B.C. assassination of Julius Caesar, and with prophecies of doom.” ~ Brian Handwerk

I have to admit I don’t particularly like Shakespeare, unless I get to see it as intended, as an audience member watching very good actors on a stage.  Reading Shakespeare for me is like trying to translate something you’ll never quite understand.  And we won’t even talk about Chaucer and his bullshit middle English.

But I love to hear my boo talk, no matter how hard to understand or decipher.  When he is happy he fairly chirps – sometimes screams and screeches – and laughs until his tummy hurts.  My God that child can laugh.

Sometimes he’s just giggling but other times he just cracks himself up, or something strikes him as hilarious, or he just is filled with joy.

Tomorrow please God let it be E and J who come to meet me at Jonah’s appointment with the rheumatologist.  I am excited to see Jonah.  I hope he wants hugs and kisses.  I’ll bring bubbles.  Everything will be fine.

There was a beautiful rainbow this morning, and I went in and dragged M outside to see it.  He came out and we stood at the end of the driveway at 7:20am and looked and looked.

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