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Got this from Wikipedia.com – it almost exactly describes what I’ve been feeling since yesterday morning (I left work at 1pm and stayed home today), after having gotten the flu shot about 24 hours before I started to feel all woozy and weak.

Side effects

Side effects of the inactivated/dead flu vaccine injection include:

  • mild soreness, redness, and swelling where the shot was given
  • fever
  • aches

These problems usually begin soon after the injection, and last 1–2 days.[129]

Some adults 18–49 years of age have reported:[130]

  • runny nose or nasal congestion
  • sore throat
  • cough, chills, tiredness/weakness
  • headache

Yeah, I got all of that.  Funny how they call it “side effects.”  I call it the f-ing flu.  I feel like a sheep, or a lemming.  Shot in the arm full of “dead” flu virus and preservatives?  Sure, go ahead!

Slept almost all day.  Had horrible nightmares – I’d wake and cry for Jonah:  I want my boy back!  I’d panic, coughing, and cuddle under the covers deeper.  I had a scream inside me; my ears rang with a cricket-y pulsing.  Maddening.   They say dogs know when you’re sad, or sick, and I believe it.  Jack jumped into bed with me, pressing all 90 lbs of his warm self into me and licking my face and ears.  My mom calls Jack a cow.  He’s such a good dog, though.  He can’t help that he’s a lummox.

I am looking forward to seeing Jonah on Saturday with an impatience I rarely feel.  I miss him palpably today, and in a piercing, whiny, weak way.

I want my boy back…

Of course I don’t – at least not now, what with this “side effects” the flu.

It’s a blessing to rest.  Jonah’s been doing either well or okay for a few days running now, from what I understand.  He doesn’t have school tomorrow so I hope to God and little baby Jason it is sunny and nice out so he can go on his favorite swing or run around and play.  I hope he somehow knows in his heart that his mommy is thinking of him, and loving him, and wishing she was there now instead of Saturday.

I decided to keep writing for the Capital District Parent Pages, only in a different capacity – writing feature articles about local businesses (obviously child-focused).  My first new column publishes December 1st.   It’s so good to keep writing.  I know, for example, that this is no award-winning post, but it makes me feel better and I’m sick-y.

On that note, headache coming back.  Must.  Seek.  Meds.

Happy 11-11-11 tomorrow…

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