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There isn’t really any good news to report.  Jonah’s been “on a tear,” as Andy describes.

Andy’s had to hold him and give him rides to and from school randomly this week because Jonah tried to attack him, the bus driver, the bus aide, or went all hysterical crying and wouldn’t get on the bus.  The teachers at school write things in the log book that, as always, attempt to underscore things that went right during the day as opposed to focusing on his behaviors, but they of course also tell us about the aggressions and what they’re doing about them. Today they must have battled so many aggressions they lost count because instead of naming a number as usual, they simply wrote “several.”

I’ve got a freelance writing project to complete and just one week to do it, so I only stopped at the house briefly today to drop off some birthday presents my dad got Jonah for his birthday (he’ll be 9 on March 7th) and assemble some birthday goodie bags to send into school on Monday for the little party they’ll have for him.  For the few minutes I was there, Jonah walked around agitated, swatting the air with his hand and cocking his arm as if ready to hit, for no apparent reason, anyone who dared cross his path.

At one point Andy, in his dry manner, commented:  this is him being good.

So now here I am, trying to do my writing work as fast as possible so I can help Andy care for him this weekend, but the software system I’m using to submit the writing is so slow that I actually have time to create this blog post between the pages that are loading at a snail’s pace.  Grrrrrrr.

Yesterday I drove to Syracuse and then Ithaca for my day job to train some newspaper peeps.  On the way home I passed a town sign that made me laugh aloud, so I simply had to turn around, pull over, and take a picture of it.

If you don’t have my sense of humor, you’re going to ask why the hell I took this picture.

But if you “get it,” maybe you’ll laugh too.

God knows I needed a laugh.

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