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One of Jonah’s all-time favorite things, as I’ve mentioned before, is swimming.  No, he’s not in the polar bear club or anything…but the Center for Disability Services has a great heated indoor pool and the other day Andy and I took him there to swim.  The kid takes to the water like a fish, and taught himself to swim.  He has no hesitation about putting his face in the water and can swim great lengths underwater, his lithe body undulating quite naturally.  I love watching him – he certainly didn’t get this ability from his mama; I have to plug my nose just to go underwater.

Here I should pause to give a major shout out to Andy, who is watching Jonah (with some help from my mom) almost exclusively by himself during school vacation as I go to work during the day.  I think Andy is taking Jonah sledding today, another of Jonah’s favorite things (Andy’s parents got Jonah new sleds for Christmas), probably down the hill behind the Barnwell Nursing Home in Valatie, a kick-ass sledding spot where lots of Columbia County kids gather to slide.  Jonah’s got endless energy for this and can slide down and run back up countless times while the rest of us pant and struggle.

So thank you, Andy.  You are a wonderful father and Jonah is so lucky to have you.  Dress warm and have fun…I appreciate everything you do.


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