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It’s pi day (3/14)

So here are 3.14159265etc. awesome things about Jonah…

1.  He eats salad greens, quite happily, too, thanks to his dad…even if it is as finger-food.

2.  Some days, like today, he has only one or two aggressions at school.

3.  He still offers up these awesomely huge smiles, even on the bad days –

.14159265   He loves to roller skate (and has brand new skates that he got for his birthday from Grandma).

I only saw Jonah for a few minutes today.  I stopped at the house, and Jonah requested “peanut butter roll,” which translates into “car ride to Stewart’s next to the Voorheesville train tracks to buy me a hard roll with peanut butter on it.”

He’s gone from:

  • waiting (relatively) patiently for 20 minutes in the earnest hope that a train might possibly come by, then laughing and clapping at the train’s approach and passage…


  • complaining “all done train” whenever we have the unfortunate timing of arriving at the tracks just as a train is passing (all while remaining single-mindedly fixed on the notion of attaining peanut butter roll).

…but we didn’t make it to peanut butter roll because Jonah hit the window of the car door, so we turned around and went home.  We’re going with the ‘consistency punishment method’.  But are we trying to teach him something he can’t learn, or does it sink into his head?  Based on results, we’re not sure; it takes 4 or 5 trips lately to get to peanut butter roll (or even grandma).

Andy even sits him down and explains the deal.  “If you hit the window, we’re going home,”  he’ll tell him.  “No hitting the window.”  And sometimes Jonah’ll say “no hit window.”  Is this echolalia or does he get it?  If he gets it, does he forget it right away?

Next time we go the child psychiatrist we might ask about base-lining him by stopping the meds altogether for a while.  Jonah doesn’t want to play much anymore and he’s lost some of his personality, and the behaviors aren’t really mitigated enough to justify continuing the meds.  Then, if we have to, we can try a new med…a new behavioral method…a new path.  Something else!

So no peanut butter roll, and I doubt there’s any pi in the house.

Sorry, boo.

P.S.  I never understood pi.  Not even a little bit.

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