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Today Jonah is participating in Giving Tuesday’s coolest concept; our country as neighbors.  Modest Needs is a grassroots, BBB top rated national nonprofit existing to help those who need one-time assistance to jump a lifehurdle. People from around the USA help each other out of rough spots.

At Modest Needs, donors give what they can, and nearly 70% of recipients give back, becoming donors themselves.  This means even one moneycoin piece is exponentially impactful; the cycle of kindness turns unceasingly!

Jonah had limited moneycoin pieces, and wanted to give, and was very sad; I chipped in so he could help.  Today we’re going to join with thousands of others to make the difference in the lives of people who work hard to manage but are in danger of becoming impoverished due to an unexpected or emergency expense.

Will you please give just one moneycoin piece, for cute-even-when-he’s crying Boo’s sake?


Jonah knows that any moneycoin is more moneycoin than before.

And please check out this awesome video they just released, featuring three families, one with a child who has autism.

Oh, and like it, if you do like it.

Thank you so much.


Boo loves you and is happy again.

(Best of all, I get to work for the people doing this!)

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