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Phil Connors:  Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.  ~ from the movie Groundhog Day

This Mother’s Day was an amalgam of a whole lot of days with Jonah Russell, all rolled into one.  M and I had him for four hours.  There was grandma, the woods, waterfall, peanut butter roll, trains, kicking, hitting the car window, requests for black soda and Burger King and Cranberry GusterJonah even scratched me all to hell.  He’d requested mama to put him in his car seat, then he grabbed at my face and dug in tight with his little claws (time to cut his nails).  My resulting look was puffier, more painful, and bloodier than usual, and when I dropped him back home I was not sorry to go.

He’s on a new med again – Zyprexa, while continuing with the Risperdal.  It’s only been a couple of days but so far there isn’t any improvement.  As usual.  Round and round we go….one day mushing into the next, a routine of events that makes me so tired I could sleep for 100 years.

It’s another of those days when I will put up pictures instead of expressing useless self-pity.  My face will heal, and Jonah did have some happy times today, despite his on-again off-again agitation.

He’d said “bye bye mama” so I watched from the top of the hill.

Then I came down with him, slowly, as he was playing near & in the water…

…only to be scared off by splashes and a rock-toss.  I was far enough away to miss the rocks but not the splashes…

In the car he didn’t want his picture taken…

…then he did.

I hope there’s a tomorrow


P.S.  I still don’t know the identity of the flower-sender.  My bet’s on a miracle right now, ’cause that’s the most fun.

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